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Below is the 2024 programme - which is a free must-see family fun event, that will take place over Easter, from March 28th – 1st April 2024. 

The skies will come alive again this year during this five-day Wairarapa wide FREE event, with balloonist competitions, joyful and vibrant displays from the balloons overhead.

Thursday 28th March

CDC - Hare & Hound – from 6.30am Carrington Park, Carterton

No flying due to weather. Hare & Hound mover to Friday


Friday 29th March -
WBS - Hare & Hound - from 6.45am Solway Show Grounds, Masterton (Changed)

Watch participating Balloons compete in a game of Hare & Hound. Competitor Balloons (Hounds) follow the Hare (Balloon) and attempt to drop a marker close to a target displayed by the Hare. This target is close to where the Hare has landed. Entry will be via Fleet Street only.

Hireways - Distance flight - from 6.30am Carrington Park, Carterton

Watch participating balloons compete in a distance race. All Balloons will compete to fly the minimum distance from take-off site. They will have to fly for a minimum amount of time before they can land. Who knows how far the slight wind breeze may take them.

Saturday 30th March -
Domino's Carterton - Meet and Greet the Pilots from 4pm - 7.30pm Carrington Park, Carterton  

Come and meet the Balloonists, walk-through a Cold Air Balloon while inflated.  Bring a picnic, grab a Domino's Pizza and come see these amazing balloons up close. As the day gets darker see the pilots use the burners to light up the area. 

Sunday 31st March -
More FM - Multi Target Long Distance Competition– from 7.15am, We will take off from a location not open to public.

Watch the balloons fly and try to drop bags on as many targets as they can over the area. We will try to make the balloon flight path as close to Carterton as possible and head towards Masterton but it all depends on the weather.

Monday 1st April -
Trust House - Farewell Flight – from 7am, from Carrington Park in Carterton.  

Pilots and their balloons will take off from  Carterton for the last time in the festival’s finale flight. The Balloons will all lift off at the same time and if you're lucky to have a great view point you will see them all rise above town at the same time. What a great last chance to take  photo and enter the photo competition. See Facebook for details.

Please note there is no Night Glow event this year. The Night Glow will be back in 2025.  

*This schedule is subject to change, as ballooning is weather-dependent so decisions can only be made on the day. For the latest weather updates, launch sites and event information, see our Facebook or Instagram page. 


Supporting The Festival

Do YOU want to be involved in the Wairarapa Balloon Festival? 

Take a look at your options and support this fantastic iconic Wairarapa event. Click on the link below:

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