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Our Story


Q: What is a Burner Parade?

A: Our Burner Parade is where the Balloon Basket is on the back of a ute / trailer and we drive slowly down the street in the early evening just on dark. The pilots will let the burners roar with flames shooting high into the air and lighting up the street.

Q: Is the Night Glow this year 2024?
A: Unfortunately the “Night Glow” ticketed event will not be held this year but will return for Easter 2025. 

Q: Can we have a hot air balloon ride at the event?
A: No sorry not this year. The commercial Balloons will be at another event in the South Island but will return for us in Easter 2025.


Q: Can the weather affect the balloons?

A: Yes, weather does influence the performance of the balloons. Hot Air Balloons prefer light winds to be able to perform to their full potential. If the weather is not suitable we have a postponement date in place, to give us the best chance of providing you with a superior balloon performance.

Q: Who organises the event?
A: The Wairarapa Balloon Festival is a community event organised by Wairarapa Balloon Society with a whole team of volunteers working hard to make this the best event we can. 

Q: Where is the best place to get most up to date information at festival time?

A: Our facebook page will have the best updates at festival time. search wairarapa balloon festival and follow us at festival time.

Q: What times do the balloons fly?

A: Depending on weather the balloons will setup and lift off anytime from about 7am. 

Q: Will the Balloons lift-off from South Wairarapa this year?

A: This year we do not have any plans to fly from any locations in the South Wairarapa. We are using towns and locations from where we have received support and funding from. 

Q: As a business can I sponsor for the festival?

A: Yes you can. It is with sponsorship that makes this event possible and for this year free for everyone to see. Please contact us from our contact on this website.


Supporting The Festival

Do YOU want to be involved in the Wairarapa Balloon Festival? 

Take a look at your options and support this fantastic iconic Wairarapa event. Click on the link below:

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