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©2019 by Wairarapa Balloon Festival.

The Events

With the exception of the Night Show, all events that form the Wairarapa Balloon Festival are Free!

This includes The Ascensions, The Burns, and the Pop-up Events

Why do we charge entry for the Night Show?

We would love for this not to be the case, however it costs money to put on this fabulous event each year. There are many  infrastructure costs  to enable us to deliver not only the Night Glow, but also all the other events that make up the Wairarapa Balloon Festival.

All money that is made from the Night Show is invested directly back in to the following years Festival.

Do you know someone who could help, we are always looking for sponsorship, and the right sponsor can be the difference between the public paying for admission, or getting in for free.

If you know anyone direct them to our Contacts Us page

Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Martinboroguh

Mass Ascensions


Night Show

Carrington Park Carterton

The Burns

Random Locations

Pop Up Events