Wairarapa Balloon Festival - Exciting News

Welcome Ballooning Canterbury

It is with great excitement that we advise that Nicholas Oakley from Ballooning Canterbury will be at this year’s Festival. Providing you with the opportunity to join in on all the fun and excitement, with a truly amazing experience soaring above the skies of the Wairarapa.

Nicholas Oakley | Pilot

Nicholas has been flying in balloons since he was 4 years old. He had his first solo flight at 12 and won his first Balloon Fiesta at 14. At 22 he gained his Commercial Hot Air Balloon License and started flying for the family business.

Family Owned Business

Ballooning Canterbury was started by Kate and Michael Oakley in 2012. Michael is an experienced pilot who had represented New Zealand at World Hot Air Balloon Championships and now wanted to take his passion further by showing off his beautiful country to others from a sport he loves to share.

They are now joined by their son Nicholas, who is also a top ranked pilot and daughter Hannah who is a full time Radiographer who manages some of their social media.

Latest Technology

Ballooning Canterbury operate three balloons all from the Cameron balloon factory in Bristol England. They carry the latest technology in fabric, burners and basket design. They are well maintain by an experienced and qualified engineer. Both pilots are also trained in pilot maintenance from the Cameron factory.

Bookings from the 18th April - 22nd April

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