Lifting off 13-17 April 2017

Tips for Spectators

Spectator Tips for Wairarapa Balloon Festival

  • Get up early to see all the action.  Balloons must fly early in the day.
  • Don’t forget your camera. Take lots of pictures and post them on Wairarapa Balloon Festival’s facebook page
  • Balloons take about 15-30 minutes to inflate, depending on their size. This is great to watch.
  • On a good day balloons will be in the air for about an hour. This can be longer or shorter depending on weather conditions.
  • Dress in layers as the early mornings can be chilly.
  • Come out onto the launch field to see the balloons up close and meet the pilots and crews.
  • Dress in layers as the days warm quickly.
  • Ask lots of questions – balloonist love to talk about their sports, but make sure you give them plenty of space when they are busy.
  • Avoid stepping on the balloon material and ropes – it could damage balloon.
  • Beware of vehicles moving around the launch field especially if you have young children.
  • Dogs and can be frightened by the balloons and the noise of the gas burners.  If the balloons are overhead keep your dog inside the house, garage or its kennel with good ventilation.
  • If you are coming to a balloon event, please leave your pets at home.
  • Smoking is prohibited on launch fields and anywhere near the balloons. Highly flammable propane gas is used in their inflation process.
  • If a balloon is launching or landing near you stand well clear and not in front of where the balloon is heading.
  • Please do not touch any balloon equipment without asking the pilot or crew.
  • Stay away from and clear of operating inflator fans near the balloons
  • If you are driving while balloons are overhead please watch the road, not the balloons.  Or pull over and stop in a safe place.
  • Bring a torch to Night Glow
  • Ballooning is highly weather dependent and events may be delayed, brought forward, shifted or cancelled if the conditions are not suitable for flying or inflation.
  • Find out if the balloons are flying at, Facebook (Wairarapa Balloon Festival) – from 6.30am daily.  Or tune into The Hits 90.3FM
  • Commercial rides are available during the festival.  More info here.


We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Wairarapa Balloon Festival! – fun for the whole family both big and little kids!



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